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All the best for your body & soul

Do you feel tired, lack of energy and have difficulty coping with everyday life?

Are you anxious or nervous when you move out and have to cope with everyday responsibilities?

Do you have pain in everyday life?


The Reiki is an opportunity to work on getting your
body and soul in balance.



Reiki is a japanese healing method and means “universal life energy”. Reiki is thus a force and energy we all have in us, it is the force that is the basis of life and all living beings on earth. If we wonder what makes us able to breathe, think and feel, then we can find many concepts that describe it – spirit, soul, love, life energy – or we can use the term – Reiki. 

Reiki is the force that makes everything grow and flourish. Reiki is spirit and love. The universal life energy is present everywhere.


The Japanese technique is developed and established by Dr. Mikao Usui in the 1800’s and is based on working through therapy with natural healing. Here the Reiki healer through his hands and the use of Reiki, uses the common energy to enable you to handle the difficult things in life better – adversity, pain, excess – to deal with everyday life or something as specific as pain in a knee or headache. 


Together with your Reiki healer you may be able to use that energy to help yourself if you are in pain. unable to sleep, feeling tired, relentless or nervous, stressed or waking up with a headache. Reiki can also solve blockages, support medival treatment, physiotherapy or psychotherapy.

Together with Reiki we can get your body and soul in balance. 


For the last 18 years I have worked with sales and planning of international fairs throughout Europe. Based in a Danish food company headquartered in Hamburg. A job that had many tight deadlines, many travel days especially in Germany. My work filled almost 12 hours every day, with many of the fairs also requiring support and phone calls throughout the weekend. 

At times I lacked the energy to get through my busy day and I have to ask my doctor for help. I knew she was working on alternative techniques to strengthen ones energy. After I sought help from her, I could better cope with the hectic days, many hours at work and still have profits for myself. 

Thats when I got in touch with Reiki for the first time. 

Gabby Michelsen

That experience with Reiki helped to pique my interest. I started following a series of courses that resulted in me being Reiki trained by 1st degree. Since then I have continued my studies and today I am a Reiki master and can help others.  

I’m happ to be able to develop/help others and it’s great to see when my treatments make you feel better. It makes my life meaningful to work with reiki. 



For appointments and bookings please use our contact section.

 Reiki healing: 

750 DKK (approx. 60 minutes) 
900 DKK (
approx. 90 minutes)

 Reiki remote healing: 

450 DKK (approx. 35 minutes)

 Reiki short- or pain treatment: 

450 DKK (approx. 20-30 minutes) 

For Companies: 

Reiki employee benefits by agreement

Additional driving for all services: 

100 DKK (in Vejle municipality)
200 DKK (approx. 30 km around Vejle)

My Reiki klinik is different. I am happy to bring the couch to you and help you in your home with Reiki. It’s nice not to have to think about the practical things before and after treatment. 

I will come to you and we will have a short conversation before your treatment. Thats how I can give you the best possible service. After treatment we talk together an assess the next step, possibly further treatments. 

The treatment takes place on my reiki couch. You are fully clothed and will be lying on your back for the first part of treatment. Afterwards you have to turn around and lie on your stomach while I provide Reiki on the back of your body. Depending on your needs the treatment may take between 60 and 90 minutes. 


Call or write to me for an appointment or further information